"Gina is the best! Once she knows your personality and your wardrobe goals she can help bridge the gap of where you currently are with your style and where you want to be. Gina's got impeccable instincts and has her finger on the fashion pulse. Yet she treats her clients as individuals and creates looks that support their lifestyle - not just deferring to what is "in" this season. In one session she will get you out of your wardrobe doldrums and have you thinking differently (and she can clean out a closet like it's nobody's business!) Gina will help get you clear on what already works in your wardrobe, what doesn't and where you could add.  And she helps you figure out the best "investment" pieces to purchase as well as areas to save. Working with Gina is money well spent because she will help you approach shopping in an informed way that will encourage you to make bolder decisions for your personal style and help save you A LOT of money in the long run! Gina's also a pleasure to work with. She's encouraging, relaxed and she definitely makes the process fun!" - Stephanie 

"Gina has been a fabulous help getting my style working for me professionally and personally. I feel more empowered and confident and am having fun learning more of how to express myself through this medium. Gina is gold."  - AJ

"Gina was able to break me out of my "safe" clothing rut and into a more specific, stylish, marketable and confident version of myself". - Kildare

"Gina is amazing! She got super-specific about my casting and the kind of roles I should be going in for, and rebuilt my wardrobe around that. I thought I was too broke to revamp my closet. Not so! She paired things I had never even considered wearing together, with fabulous results. I got all these new looks without buying anything. And she also made a list of items I should add, so I've been gradually making those purchases as the funds became available. I couldn't ask for a better stylist. Thanks Gina!!" - Adrienne

" I had such a wonderful experience working with Gina. She helps you create a look that is unique to your taste and personality, but also most flattering and fashion forward. It was so much fun to go through the different styles and pieces to help create the look and vibe that you are going for. Her knowledge about the industry and great taste in style left me feeling confident about the work we did together. Not only was the experience fun, but also extremely helpful." -Madison

"I came to Gina with no clue whatsoever of what to wear even on a trip to the grocery store let alone what to wear on an audition. She took what was in my closet already and reinvented me! I was so inspired I did 21 days of making sure I dressed for success, I made it a challenge and I stuck to it. Needless to say I was no longer going to the grocery store in yoga pants;) Literally the week after I got a callback for a commercial and based on how I was dressed the casting director had me skip other girls in line in the waiting room to audition. NO KIDDING! I went on to audition for a role in the series "You're The Worst" on FX. The role was a music industry intern outfit and you better believe what I wore mattered and would you believe I booked the role?!  ON another note, I just had a baby 14 months ago. Dressing right and looking nice really helped me recover from some of the postpartum blues women often encounter. You don't think something like how you dress affects so many things but clearly it does!! Thank you Gina!" -Chantelle

"I got SO much out of our meeting my head has been spinning with trends. I really learned a lot and feel inspired for the first time about fashion. That's nothing short of a miracle! " - Danielle

"Thank you again for your guidance, I pretty much tossed everything you thought looked like hell on me and GOD does my closet feel SO much better! " - Monica

"Before working with Gina, I had a very vague sense of style.  Thanks to her, I now use it as a well-sharpened tool in my career and every day life."  - Joel

"Gina really helped me to embrace my body rather than hide it in my clothes.  She helped me really understand how to dress for my shape and my personality in the most flattering way possible." - KTC

"I wanted to let you know that I've had three commercial auditions over the past week and callbacks on two of them! The third audition was today.  I attribute part of the success to my new styling! " - Halley

"The photo session went great.  I did not use any of my old clothes.  I bought new things at the location you suggested and had a clear idea of what I needed after working with you. "- Cheryl

"Thank you for the great workshop!  Being new to LA it really helped me figure out what kind of clothes and styles I should be wearing!" - Kristina

"What a force you are. I was sparked way beyond my wardrobe and I am so energized to own it:)  Looking your best is so powerful, thank you again and again!"  - Vicky

"Gina really helped me to embrace my body rather than hide it in my clothes.  She helped me really understand how to dress for my shape and my personality in the most flattering way possible."- Katie

"Thanks so much Gina! I went with the dress you liked the most, and I did my hair like Anita  Pallenberg (I just got bangs last weekend, so it was perfect) I wore my Swedish Hasbeens and I did my makeup like the 60's.  I think I pulled it off, and it was so fun.  Thanks for giving me the confidence!  You truly are the best."  - Jessica

"Gina did much more than go through my wardrobe and help me become a better dresser; she helped me become a more confident actor. Her service was essential to me when I was starting out in LA, and when choosing my outfits for auditions, I constantly find myself asking: what would Gina want me to wear?" - Scott

"Not gonna lie: not only is Gina sexy, funny, and brilliant, but she can also work a styling miracle like making an unconventional looking guy like me come off sexy, funny, and brilliant for any business or social situation. My plan is to use her keen inexplicable mind and eye as I pursue my corporate objectives. So far, so unbelievably good."- Matthew 

"Impact Styling made getting dressed a confident activity. Gina learned who I was, matched my energy with my look, and streamlined my closet to represent that style. She helped me clear out the old, and told me the exact brands I could buy to finish my look. Gina's energy and passion for styling is incredible. She is my guiding light to style." - Ray