Paul Smith

Birds of a Feather

Meaning:  Those of a similar taste congregate in groups.

According to The Phrase Finder In nature, birds of a single species do in fact frequently form flocks. Ornithologists explain this behaviour as a 'safety in numbers' tactic to reduce the risk of predation. In language terms, it was previously more common to refer to birds flying together than flocking together and many early citations use that form, for example Philemon Holland's translation of Livy's Romane historie, 1600: "As commonly birds of a feather will flye together."

How true.  It is a small world.  Within the world, Hollywood is a small town.  Within Hollywood, the acting world is a tiny village. Personal and professional relationships are crushingly important.  Keep them close and keep them clean.  Align your brand with similar brands.  Because - birds of a feather do flock together.  Work it.

This week I attended the Tenth Anniversary of Paul Smith Los Angeles  A dear friend, José O. Lemus, from days at Fred Segal who is now part of the Paul Smith Los Angeles team was our gracious host.  I am grateful for the connection and friendship with José.  He has incredible personal style and creates shopping experiences that are perfection.  It makes complete sense that José is aligned with Paul Smith - a fabulously stylish brand that has been around since 1970.  Paul Smith is consistent, cool, elegant, modern and supremely well made.  Who wouldn’t want to flock to this world?

Align your brand with like minded folk and you will fly far.

Pix from the party:

The invitation.

 José O. Lemus and Sir Paul Smith.

Finding friends.  Kildare Riordan and I ran into our friend, the gorgeous Angel Parker Nenninger.

A single taken for the Frederic Fekkai blog.  The magical team of Enrico and Rita at Frederic Fekkai Melrose worked their magic on my hair.

In front of the iconic pink building: