Head Shots: What Works Right Now

As actors we all want that golden ticket:  an effective head shot.  

There is a world of preparation that goes into a head shot session (gym time, meditation, facials, diet, sleep, shopping, etc.).  Wardrobe is key.  It must enhance, but not distract.  It must reflect casting, but not be a costume.

Here are three simple wardrobe tips for head shots today:

COLOR.  Incorporate color.  Color attracts attention.  Color arouses interest.  Color triggers emotion.  Anything achromatic (without color - black, white, grey) registers as negative space.  I know of no actor who consciously wishes to create negative space with their presence.  




An open neckline is an invitation.  Energetically, it conveys openness and willingness to engage.  Visually, it mirrors the shape of the face.  People are attracted to symmetry.  Use that to your advantage.



Choose fabrics that are lightweight.  Anything stiff or bulky...will read as stiff or bulky AND add weight.  

Create dynamic head shots with these basic rules.  I would love to team with you to create these looks and empower your image.

xo G