Quality matters.  Over this we have control.  We choose what we put in our closets.  As I assist clients sorting through their wardrobes one fact is clear: fast fashion is the equivalent of junk food.  There are poor ingredients.  It usually makes one look and feel like crap.  A lot of waste is involved.  Not long after use, it is forgotten and tossed.  Why do it?  Instant gratification?  Numbing feelings, thoughts, emotions?  The idea that it is "cheap?"  Fast fashion is bringing us down on personal and environmental levels.

After doing the Kondo Method...I just can't do junk anymore.  It is too destructive.

Examples of items I use and am grateful for every day:

Saint Laurent Sunglasses purchased for $250 on sale that have rarely left my head when outside for two years.  Cost per wear:  2.92 cents per day.

Funky vintage earrings:  80's flash.  The kind of style statement one must OWN.  $2.00.

Bazaar Magazine:  copy from the best in the business.  $15 per year.


Barney's leather star key fob:  $12.  A reminder to rock my star and open doors!


Sugar Paper gold appointment book:  $12 at Target.  Makes me want to shine every day.

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Edit your wardrobe, rid yourself of junk.  Spend a little more to have things you love and that will love you and the environment in return.