Clean Sweep

Spring 2017 is springing.  Below are the top five items to CLEAR from your closet and top five top items to ADD to your closet.  This is your Spring guide to instantly update your look:

BEATEN UP FLIP FLOPS.  Seen time and again in closet cleansings.  The defense for keeping them is usually something like "they're just for walking the dog."  Walk the dog with pride and respect.  Put on a cute sneaker.

OLD LEGGINGS/OLD YOGA PANTS.  Put on a cool pair of sweatpants.  Slim sweats are trending and look effortless.  Paired with a bomber jacket, this outfit can go almost anywhere at any time in L.A.

STAINED/STRETCHED T SHIRTS.  T shirts have a short lifespan.  Check your collection for stains, spots, and shape.  Let go what is dead and stock up on a fresh supply.

OUTDATED BAGS.  Nothing brings down a look faster than a frayed, outdated bag.  For a man or a woman. Don't have two grand for a new handbag?  Try a roomy tote or messenger bag.

NASTY HOODIE.  Go and get a jacket.  Jacket, jacket, jacket.  Stiff, thick, nasty pullover hoodies scream "I'm trapped in the past."  Replace it with a sleek bomber or casual blazer.


BOHEMIAN.  I am over it.  Save an outfit for Coachella and let go of the rest.  Fashion is in a very structured direction at the moment:

Spring/Summer 2017 Fashion Inspiration

2017 Accessories - Quick Look Guide

Boho will come back.  However, as fashion goes, IT WILL ALWAYS COME BACK DIFFERENTLY.  Your old Boho will look old and tired.  Guaranteed. If you don't know what the Boho pieces are in your closet, call me and I will help you clear them.