Actors are supposed to have “thick skin.”  At Impact Styling we think it should be hydrated, clear, well cared for thick skin.

It applies to both men and women as a key element of personal grooming.

I am a bit of a product dabbler.  I like to try a variety of things.  Lure me and I will sample and switch.  The promise of miraculous results used to have me look the other way in terms of ingredients.  But I started to feel out of integrity:  slathering chemicals all over my body after consuming organically grown food, exercising and meditating just seemed stupid.  So I cleaned up my act and now use skincare products that claim to be "safe" (sans chemicals) and preferably made from organic ingredients.  

Another bit of awareness:  the routine has to be simple and easy to repeat.  Or it just doesn’t happen.  

The choices can be overwhelming:

Just a portion of sunscreens at Whole Foods

Just a portion of sunscreens at Whole Foods

So we have refined the options for you.  Some favorite lines:  January Labs, Diana Ralys, Juice Beauty, Beautycounter and Bare Republic.

Here are snaps from my (current) facial skincare kit:

Diana Ralys. Local, natural, affordable and effective. (We also just found out that Diana Ralys is offering a great deal of 50% off their HydroRenewal treatments if booked by June 30th. Click here for more information!)

Cleanser + Clairsonic (kept in the shower):

Gentle Gel Wild Oat Honey Cleanser  with my Clarisonic Pro (see below)

Gentle Gel Wild Oat Honey Cleanser with my Clarisonic Pro (see below)

The basic line up:

Keep it in the fridge so it stays fresh.

PHYSICAL (not chemical) sunblock. (read more about Physical vs. Chemical here) Bare Republic is sheer, strong and affordable.  Apply sunblock before other products for the best protection. Then layer moisturizer and eye cream.   Add lip balm (kissing scene on the horizon?).

Glow and Go from January Labs.  A genius product that exfoliates and gives a healthy radiance:

On the Go:

Cleansing cloths from Simple (Simple, but not totally safe.  These are ok in a pinch in a gym bag or to remove makeup after an audition):

Healthy, glowing skin is always in style.  Please share your favorite safe products with Impact.  We love a good dabble.