Future Fashion: Paris

Paris.  The City of Light.  The fashion capital never fails to excite.


The show was very directional.  Here we see a future proportion for dressing.  It may not be “pretty,” but it is forward reaching fashion.

Off the shoulder with authority.  Calf hugging, high boots.  A tone on tone variation.  Love the giant, statement earrings:

Paris runway is quite often about pushing the boundaries.  Later in the market place we see the trickle down statement of the garments on the catwalk.  In view of this, get ready for color, shine, floral and a tall boot...

Eccentric suiting, mismatched prints, statement color.  And a strong platform.

Louis Vuitton

Follow the Louis Vuitton lead here.  One of the most written about shows of the season.  The trends are in motion.  Mismatched printed, longer jacket, shorter pants, power boots (a la Doc Marten) and attitude to burn.

Ski is significant for Fall 2016.  An amped up ski sweater, cropped and slightly flared pants, statement boots that continue the trend and large earrings.  An easy silhouette to replicate come Fall.

A variation on 90’s slip dressing.  The leather bodice and chunky boots are no nonsense.


Tribal for the digital age.  This look reflects the longer, more voluminous sensibility, but brought closer to the body.  Urban warrior chic.

Layered shine, exaggerated sunnies and a killer coat.  Love.

The green is so cool here.  The slit at the front of the pant is super sophisticated.

If there was such a thing as 90’s Game of Thrones, this would be it.  The dress is regal without being pushed.  The shiny legging peeks through from the hem of the garment.  The contrast shoe is subtle, but chic.