Let It Go

There comes a time when you have to accept...that you have to let some things go.

Six months ago, I read The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up by Marie Kondo and got rid of quite a few things.  "More is more" has never been my motto.   Although the purge was moderate in scope, it felt good.  Fresh.


And then life happened.. This week things fell apart: in quick succession, my watch, car and wardrobe imploded. Coincidence?  Marie Kondo would think not. 

I was holding on and I knew it.  

First, the strap on my Basis fitness watch broke.  The only replacement strap color option on eBay was white.   Now it looks like it came from the movie Tron.  Style statement?  Why not.  Now I have a watch that will influence my wardrobe in a new way. 

Basis Watch with vintage sequin top

Basis Watch with vintage sequin top

The car.  2005 Volvo S40.  Within the past year the car has received:  a new engine, a transmission flush, four new tires, new brake pads, a new battery, etc.  In the trunk are two sets of jumper cables, a tire gauge, air pump and full roadside emergency kit.  Random messages to "check engine," "airbag off," and "shift down" are de rigueur.  Volvo Service says not to worry about the messages.  Wow.  Ok.

 This week the "high temperature" light came on.  That's it.   I need a new car.

Greeted by a slew of warnings and hazards.

Greeted by a slew of warnings and hazards.

Trying to make a car work that is past it's prime is fine if you don't want to go anywhere.

Then it seemed like nothing worked in my closet.  Items didn't fit, looked like an idea of who I thought I should be or were keepsakes from the past.  Following the instructions of Ms. Kondo, I thanked them for their service and said goodbye as they no longer sparked joy in my life.

Wearing: vintage sequin top,  Frame Denim ,  Vans ,  Basis Watch

Wearing: vintage sequin top, Frame Denim, Vans, Basis Watch

I let it go!

Less can be more.  Clearing the path is the first step to a life and style update.