Express Yourself - Office Accessories

Get on the Accessories Train.

Ever ask to borrow a pen and get handed a sorry thing with a non-descript bank name mostly scratched off, the clicker end half chewed and ink leaking out the top?  Uh, where has this been?  Do they go to this bank?  WHO IS THIS PERSON???

Back to School (or “BTS”) is an important phrase in the retail world.  It signals a time when people come back to stores after Summer vacation.  And they come back with directed purpose:  we must cloth and arm ourselves for the work ahead.

BTS falls just before Fashion Month: New York, London, Milan, Paris Fashion Weeks(NYFW, LFW, MFW, PFW).  BTS is a signal, a Pavlovian bell to get one’s folders, pens and tablets together to head off to the fashion wars.  BTS is a cool time to stock up on office “accessories” that communicate our personal branding.  Let's make it a clarion call.

Chic office supplies, the things we use every working moment of every working day, should please us.  We should love to carry them, use them and go to them for purpose, comfort and style.  They are accessories that are functional and are an opportunity to extend our personal brand. 

On recent trips to Staples and Sugar Paper Los Angeles, here are the fabulous items I collected (I embrace technology, but old school back up can be genius and inexplicably satisfying):

Lists.  Gotta list or action just doesn’t happen:

Take Note: I love these little books from Sugar Paper.  They are lightweight, chic and don’t get lost in my bag:

Planning. Ok.  Admittedly, scheduling is not my strong point.  I tend to double book, cut events too close or at worst, forget.  Here is a journal like calendar from Kate Spade that I am using for 2015:

Here is the big-time, year long planner for my wall as a visual reminder.  Right brain thinkers need a lot of clues:

Then take it on the road.  My fav pens, pencils and highlighters.  All from Staples:

Gotta love writing with money.

A stylish, zip top, camo folder to stash sides, highlighter, even a phone:

And then a Cynthia Rowley blank note book to serve as a journal.  One needs inspiration.  The positive reinforcement of YES is always in style.