30 Days that Changed My Life

Being “on brand” is about authenticity.  It is about accessing what you have to offer on a soul level.  It is revealing who you truly are, what you have to offer and sharing it.

Little did I know Tracy Anderson would lead me to the path of this access.  For the 30 days of August 2015 I chose to do Tracy Anderson’s 30 Day Method Challenge in order to feel better, tone up, lose a few pounds and align myself with my personal brand.  Perhaps the heart knows?  Perhaps intuition leads the way?  Perhaps I just knew I was ready for the next level of being present in my life.  Whatever the case, I was ready to let go of some old limiting beliefs and habits. It was time to get a method so that I could let go and grow up.  


I needed a road map and found it in Tracy Anderson’s 30 Day Method Challenge.  The book has meal and exercise plans (non-vegetarian and vegetarian) that are clearly delineated for thirty days in a row.  Anderson’s voice in the book is strong.  She requests that the reader completely submit to the method with no substitutions.  Full commitment to “give her [your] body.”  Honestly, I wanted to not think.  I was happy to give her not only my body, but my best thinking, my bullshit.  I was tired, worn out.  I wanted someone else to lead.

Within a day of being on the program I felt better.  Relieved.  Clear.  The war was over and happily, I had lost.  

What followed was unexpected.  Once I got the old habits out of the way, I started to ask myself:

“What do I want to do with my energy?”

“What is driving meaning in my life?”

“Why am I sharing this?  This is a public vow - standing in underwear in the middle of the desert, taking selfies and posting them on social media - that I am going to tone up and drop some lbs.  This is scary.”

I decided to let the questions be there and get on with the program.  The answers would come.  As they say, “it works if you work it.”  So I worked it.

The “before” photo in the desert.  If I was going to go, I was going to go all the way:

So began the planning:

Then the meals:

- 1 cup sliced strawberries
- 1 tsp chopped mint
- 1 tsp agave syrup
Toss the ingredients into a mixing bowl to macerate. This recipe can be made the day prior. Portion size: recipe makes 1 serving.
— Tracy Anderson 30-Day Method

Chilling in the 102 degree heat in Joshua Tree:

Missed the Vitamix that was back home in Santa Monica.  Nothing beats the blending power and texture it creates:

Worked out in the living room in the desert and ran in the morning heat:

My dad came to visit:


Started feeling better, happier:

Got to 30 days and felt TRIUMPHANT

Coming back to Santa Monica, I felt sassy going to a casting director workshop:

Booked at job being “Julie Bowen” at the Emmy’s:

In September, felt complete in the Kickin’ Cancer 5K Run in Brentwood that I had trained for in August.  I had literally crossed the finish line:

I was sad to let go of the 30 Day Challenge:

Structure suited me.  So I stepped up for the Tracy Anderson Metamorphosis 90 program.  It gives me piece of mind, a plan and focus.  Nicely, it works out that I will finish this part of the metamorphosis at the end of December 2015.  A new year, a newly revealed me.  The questions of where to put my energy, time and direction?  The answers are accomplishing creative goals with others:  working as an actress and stylist and not worrying about feeling uncomfortable in my body and having it be out of alignment with my spirit.  The centering and authenticity still scares me, but after standing taking selfies in blazing temperatures in tighty whiteys…nothing seems closer than the truth.