Five Essentials from Violet Grey

For self-tapes, selfies, head shots, makeup is a key tool in an actor's (ladies and gents!) tool box.  Violet Grey is a makeup Mecca.  In store, everyone working there is a makeup artist.  Online, the blog posts and video library are impeccable.  Save time and money, get the right products for YOU and short cut the makeup glut.  I promise.  Here's how I navigated Violet Grey.


Melrose Place is always a welcome destination.


Fresh flowers and beautiful decor greet you.


The makeup selection is edited and neatly displayed.


A bit of gritty detail.


Good skincare takes the place of primer.


Beauty is the call of day.


Natural bristle brushes add to shine to hair.


Everyone who works at Violet Grey is a makeup artist.  Have the perfect shade of foundation matched to your skin tone.


A professional makeup application session can be scheduled.


Start with a fabulous foundation.  Koh Gen Do is great for HD and is used on countless sets.


RMS concealer is key to creating a flawless look.  This concealer melts into the skin and has a coconut oil base.


Define your brows.  Frame the face.  I like this one by Hourglass.


Pop the eyes.  Full Fat Lashes mascara!  It delivers.


Set it, don't forget it with Laura Mercier translucent powder.



It is the end of August.  It is hot.  Going into the new season make sure you are, too.

Hot as defined in the Oxford English Dictionary:

"Having a high degree of heat or high temperature."  

"Filled with passionate excitement, anger or other strong emotion."

"Involving much activity, debate or interest."

"(of news) fresh and of great interest."


Who is hot and who is not.  Hollywood virtually runs on this vibe.

IMDB Starmeter takes Hollywood's temperature as to who is hottest on a daily basis. At the time of this writing, the top three women (in Starmeter order) are Emilia Clarke, Pom Klementiff and Jennifer Lawrence.  Top three men are Kit Harington, Tom Hardy and Nikolaj Coster-Waldau.  Side note:  they are all pretty hot.  

Embrace your hotness!  It is your job as a successful actor.

Are you intellectually hot?  Are you nerdy hot?  Are you a hot mess???  Hot translates to playing full-out.  Risking.  Hiding is not hot.  Here are three simple ways to maximize your heat. 

Hot tips:

WORK HARD. Take a tip from Gigi Hadid - 73 Questions with Gigi Hadid - Vogue: The best piece of advice your mom gave you:  "If you are not the nicest, most hard working girl in the industry, there's someone prettier, nicer and more hard working."

HAIR AND MAKEUP.  Girls and guys.  For head shots and reels.  Always, always, always get your hair and makeup done professionally.  When time is crunched call Glamsquad or go to Benefit.

MEDITATE.  The hottest tip of all: find out who you are.  Accept it and rock it.

Action Packed

Four countries.  Two weeks.  One carry-on bag.  One backpack.  Below is how I packed for a Summer adventure in Northern Europe.

Suitcase real estate is valuable.  I wanted everything to be able to be worn together.  So I chose lightweight, colorful items that could be layered, mixed, matched and would take up little space.

It broke down to:  two jackets (feminine and masculine), five t shirts (linen and cotton), two sweaters (cardigan and pullover), three pairs of pants (all skinny/straight cropped - white, black and blue), one pair of leggings, four pairs of shoes (sneakers, heels and flip flops), three scarves and the necessary lingerie and toiletries.   

First I wanted inspiration.  What tone did I want to set for the trip?  Shouldn't dream adventures be colorful and fun?  Thinking only in terms of practicality can make planning travel attire a lesson in some sort of Teva influenced punishment.  Nah.  I remembered a vintage, embroidered Matthew Williamson blazer that channels current Gucci-esque styling that I had in storage.  Building a wardrobe around it would be fun and playful.  Little did I know, it would prove to be highly practical as well.

The vintage Matthew Williamson jacket.


James Perse and Gap t shirts.


All of the t shirts would go with the jacket.


All of the t shirts would go with the white, black and blue cropped jeans.

All of the t shirts and jacket would go with a Cos cardigan.

The Matthew Williamson silk, rocket print scarf would go with the t shirts.

The Paul Smith cashmere scarf would go with the Cos cardigan.

Purchased at the very last minute, this Gap military jacket would look good with everything.  It folded into nothing, so I decided to pack it.

Nordic Summer is colder than L.A. Winter.  It was so chilly, I ended up layering the jackets.  Not exactly the look I planned, but it served the purpose of keeping warm.


A Frame pullover sweater became part of the workout ensemble.  Again not planned, but it worked.

Voila!  In Stockholm right before going to The Royal Dramatic Theatre.

Freezing at Peterhof near Saint Petersburg wearing all of the jackets, sweaters, scarves and a hat purchased at Zara on Nevsky Prospekt.  Nyet!

Fast forward to an opposite packing plan:  Independence Day in Palm Springs.  Based on the lightweight, mix and max principles - here is what made it into the bag:

Linen Gap and Zara v neck t shirts.

Gap and Mossimo high waisted, structured shorts.  I am not feeling the cutoff, stringy straggly jean shorts.  After three Summers they are played out, ladies!

Gap high waisted, wide leg cotton pants.

For the pool a sexy goop one piece, an Adidas bikini, hat and shades.

Mix the above with Adidas jelly sandals, Stella McCartney tunic and All Good SPF 50 body butter.


Now you are jet set!